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(355199 Byte, 800x745)


I just wanted to say I still like this board, even if it's slow.

>> No.2027  

I do too. In the end its jusy the 3 of.us.posing though. Maybe it was faster at some.point but not anymore. I posted the link a few places but none the less no one has come. Uhggg...need more Japanese ass....

>> No.2028  
(285257 Byte, 704x400)


I wish most of the places I visit were active.
This place especially.

>> No.2029  

This anon was posting a lot at the time this board was born, but suddenly they run away, and since them, this board is kinda stucked.

More activity would be fine :3

>> No.2030  

Is there anyway you can just spam 4chan/jp/ or Trevorshit or even other places with the link advertising this site? Like, for real.

>> No.2031  

I just saw anons beeing b& for making ads to other boards.
Janitor is not into fun on 4chan

>> No.2033  

Right, so, just unplug and plug in your router. New IP every time.

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